Vegetarian Beef Meatballs 280g

Vegetarian Hanburger 160g

Vegetarian Chicken Cutlet 200g

Artichoke Hearts (CARCIOFI  CUORI) 450/1000g

Fine Green Beans (FAGIOLINI  FINISSIMI) 450/1000g

Fine Peas (PISELLI FINI) 450/1000g

Spina (SPINACI  IN  PIASTRINA) 450/1000g

Fresh Vegetables Snack - Zucchine 1000g

Fresh Vegetables Snack - Zucchine, Cauliflower & Carrots 1000g

Fresh Vegetables Snack - Zucchine, Artichokes, Cauliflower 1000g

Fresh Vegetables Snack - Italian Artichokes 1000g

Chard 1000g

Broccoli Florets 600g

Baby Carrots 450g

Brassica Rapa Sylvestris (CIME  DI RAPA - FRIARIELLI) 750/1000g

Microwave Oven Fast Cooking - Broccoli & Potatoes 250g

Microwave Oven Fast Cooking - Broccoli, Carrots & Cauliflower 250g

The vegetables will be frozen with the most fresh and the fastest way.
The frozen vegetables will be keep in the freshest and best condition.
So the nutritional value of the frozen vegetables is not less than fresh vegetables.

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